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Fire at Together For The Family centre, Beirut, Lebanon

A devastating fire recently swept through the facilities of our partner at Together For The Family.

Please pray for our partners at Together For The Family centre. Recently, a devastating fire swept through their facilities, causing extensive damage and significantly impacting operations and community. Praise God that no one was hurt.

The Impact

  • The fire has destroyed crucial infrastructure, including:
  • Newly equipped computer lab (10 desktops, 22 laptops, screens, LCD projector, 60-inch TV screen, desks, table…)
  • Prefabricated structure for computer lab
  • Main admin office with all its contents
  • Furniture
  • Air conditioning and surveillance cameras

This disaster has hindered their ability to provide computer classes and proper administration, affecting countless individuals and families who rely on them.

The Plan for Recovery

Despite this setback, they are committed to rebuilding stronger and better. Their recovery plan includes:

  1. Immediate restoration: Rebuilding damaged structures and replacing essential equipment.
  2. Support for affected students and staff: Providing aid to those directly impacted by the fire.
  3. Future preparedness: Implementing advanced safety measures to prevent future incidents.

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