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Help us answer their call!

Invest in the growth of men and women who have been called to lead amongst their own people. Make a missional and strategic contribution to the fast-growing Church in Asia-Pacific.

Give now and empower the next generation of leaders.

Work you can give directly to

Donations can also be made through online banking.

Where Most Needed

Gifts to this fund will go where they can make the biggest difference, and meet urgent needs that might otherwise go unmet.

Donations will also be used to equip Beacon Partnerships with important resources — including personnel, materials, support services, buildings, and equipment — required to accomplish our mission of developing Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific.

Preacher Training

Training grassroots preachers to establish Biblically faithful yet culturally relevant preaching that helps new believers grow in their faith.

Scholar Sponsorship

Subsidising the difference between local, affordable fees, and the real cost of training for the next generation of emerging, young leaders, enabling them to respond to God’s call on their lives in spite of their contextual poverty.

Faculty Development

Subsiding the cost of Masters and PhD study and providing pastoral support for Senior Leaders, enabling them to take their ministries to the next level to have regional and national influence.

Campus Development

Building of Partner School facilities such as classrooms, libraries, and dormitories, and ensuring these are of adequate size and quality to meet the growing number of trainee leaders.

Literature & IT

The publication and supply of libraries, books, learning resources and IT components to trainee leaders, enabling them to more effectively learn in their own language and cultural nuance.

Humanitarian Appeals

We respond to the immediate needs for aid to our existing ministry partners and leaders, in the event their geographic area is hit with a disaster of significant proportions.

Organisational Development

Covers funding gaps required for consultancy work or training that our Kiwi volunteers provide, these can include ESOL programmes, consultancy team, as well as partner schools visits to run courses and train faculty.