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June 2024 Update: MEGST Apartment, Mongolian Church

A Strategic Apartment Purchase for MEGST, and One Langham Scholar's call to strengthen the Mongolian Church

A Strategic Apartment Purchase for MEGST

Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to support the Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST) in Yangon.

A strategic apartment has become available for purchase alongside the MEGST campus apartments in Yangon.

This apartment is desperately needed to expand the library collection capacity, as the current library is full and unable to add needed books.

By securing this apartment, MEGST will be able to unify the library across the whole of the 4th floor and apply for funding from a German donor foundation to fully refurbish the space.

We have already received pledges totalling 85,000 US dollars (139,000 NZ dollars), but we still need 76,000 NZ dollars to secure the apartment.

Time is running out to find the final amount needed, so we urge you to act now and make a donation toward this strategic purchase for MEGST.

Your contribution will make a significant impact on the education and future of MEGST students. Please consider making a donation as soon as possible.

One Langham Scholar’s call to strengthen the Mongolian Church

For 70 years, Mongolia was closed off to the world under Soviet communist rule. When the country opened up in 1990, Langham Scholar Bayar Garamtseren was 18 years old and began attending the very first church in modern-day Mongolia. As the first Mongolian to receive a PhD in biblical studies, today he directs the Mongolian Standard Version Bible translation project, pastors a local church, trains pastors throughout the nation, and translates and publishes biblical books—all so that the church may be strengthened in maturity as it continues to grow in number.

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