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1 May 7.30pm – 9pm •  Auckland

Explore Lament
in Today’s World

Join us for a special event with guest speaker Dr. Rico Villanueva who will share on Lamenting in a Church dominated by Praise.

Learn about the transformative impact equipping leaders with a PhD has on the future of Christian Leadership Training in the Majority World from the Langham scholars themselves.

Following the talk, mingle and connect with international program partners representing 7 countries across the Asia-Pacific region over light refreshments.

Our main speaker Dr. Rico Villanueva, is the Regional Commissioning Editor of Langham Publishing and Pastoral Care coordinator of current Asian scholars of Langham Partnership. He is a pastor, seminary teacher, editor, and writer. He wrote a book entitled, “It’s OK to be NOT OK”, which is a pastoral application of his PhD dissertation on the Psalms of lament published as The Uncertainty of a Hearing: A Study of the Sudden Change of Mood in the Psalms of Lament. He also wrote a book on depression and lament, entitled, “Lord, I’m Depressed,” in which he shares his own experience of depression and how the lament psalms have helped him. Previously, he was the General Editor of the Asia Bible Commentary series, a commentary of each book of the Bible written from the Asian context. He teaches part-time at the Asia Graduate School of Theology and Ateneo de Manila University. 

Read Dr. Rico Villanueva’s Testimony

Lamenting in a Church dominated by Praise


In the midst of wars, genocide, violence, the continuing absence of lament in the Church is no longer just “costly”, it is tragic. What are some of the possible reasons for the loss of lament? How can we lament in a Church dominated by praise? We will answer these questions in this talk.

Wednesday, 1 May 7.30pm – 9pm

Lounge – Willow Park Christian Convention Centre
1 Hostel Access Road
Eastern Beach

Willow Park Christian Centre