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May 2024 Update: Lamentations talk, prayers for Bethlehem Bible College

Recorded talks from our recent Lamenting in a Church dominated by Praise talk by Dr. Rico Villanueva, and Langham Australia's Echoes of Hope with Rev. Dr Yohanna Kata Nacho, Interviews with Langham Scholars, and prayer points for Bethlehem Bible College.

Lamenting in a Church dominated by Praise | Dr. Rico Villanueva

Interviews with Langham Scholars from South Asia, Francis and Karuna

  • Helping the community around CLTC one denture at a time

    Helping the community around CLTC one denture at a time

    After 2 years of planning, Jill Tait, along with three dentists organised a denture making course that was run at CLTC. Their work in serving the community in and around CLTC is changing lives in Papua New Guinea, where it is often too far or expensive to see a dentist.

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A Christian Palestinian perspective on the war in Gaza

Pray for Bethlehem Bible College

The effects of the war have created an economic disaster in the West Bank (where Bethlehem Bible College is located). Because the borders and roads are closed, wage earners who had jobs inside Israel or the settlements or other cities are unable to work. That, combined with the immediate cessation of tourism (the primary income source in Bethlehem), has caused an unemployment rate of over 60%.

Bethlehem Bible College was, and still is, severely affected and works hard to keep functioning effectively, particularly because two of their main income sources, the Guesthouse and Star Bazaar Gift Shop, ceased immediately.

Bethlehem Bible College continues its commitment to providing quality theological education and serving its community. The Arabic word “sumud” describes the steadfastness and persistence of the Palestinian people, and we model that for their students and others.

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