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Listen to Voices from the Global Church

On Mission with Chris Wright

A Podcast from Langham Partnership

On Mission with Chris Wright features conversations with Christian leaders around the Majority World. Chris Wright, Langham’s Global Ambassador and Ministry Director, is a noted theologian and author of more than 30 books, including The Mission of God. Each week, Chris helps listeners discover how much wisdom the church in the West has to gain from their sisters and brothers in villages and towns around the world.

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Out of the Margins

A Young Langham Podcast

In a contemporary landscape where Western Christianity is progressively marginalized in the post-Christendom era, valuable wisdom and perspective can be gleaned from voices that have long existed in the periphery. Out of the Margins showcases the insights derived from the experiences and viewpoints of Christians hailing from the Majority world, individuals intimately acquainted with the challenges of being a minority and facing marginalization. Hosted by Simon Nugent and Edgar Solis.

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