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Resourcing Literature

Working with local leaders to develop Biblical books written for local context

More than just providing books, it is about equipping leaders with Biblical resources that will transform lives. These are books that will be utilised by Bible colleges, to train thousands of students to be more effective biblical leaders; and by ministries to equip pastors and leaders to provide solutions to local issues.

82% of books sold by Majority World publishers are not written for local contexts

78% of theological colleges are under-resourced

33% of schools are missing textbooks to teach important courses

Two men holding a Christian literature book on Psalms

Langham Literature provides Majority World pastors, scholars and seminary libraries with evangelical books and electronic resources through grants, discounts and distribution.

We foster the creation of indigenous evangelical books for pastors in many languages. This is done through training workshops for writers and editors, sponsored writing, translation, strengthening local evangelical publishing houses, and investment in major regional literature projects, such as one volume Bible commentaries like “The Africa Bible Commentary”.

Developing biblical books has an exponential impact.

As scholars, pastors and Christian leaders are equipped with resources needed to learn and teach God’s Word, relevant cultural issues are addressed from a biblical perspective, resulting in Christian growth and understanding.

One example of the multiplicative impact of one book is the Africa Bible Commentary. For every commentary sent to a pastor in a local church, a minimum of 10-12 other pastors and lay preachers share this resource. Multiply that by more than 100,000 volumes already distributed and millions of lives impacted.

Our Solution

Sponsor Strategic Book Projects

Langham Literature helps develop groundbreaking commentaries written in and for the local context. They provide support, facilitate and fund landmark literature projects that due to their size and nature require collaboration from multiple partners. These projects meet the specific needs of indigenous Christians in different regions of the world.

Improving Local Publishing

It is crucial for local publishers to publish in local languages to meet local needs in order to bring the church to maturity and protect against false teaching. We come alongside local publishers and provide consultancy and expertise based on our experiences in similar contexts. We aim to support and equip them to run good publishing houses.

Resourcing Academic Publishing

Academic publishing face unique challenges in comparison to other types of publishing. This is because it is often more expensive and can have a lower return on investment. We support those who can write for their own contexts and publish their contributions for the benefit of the local and global church.

Developing Local Authors

Editors and writers who show potential are trained, so they can use their gifts to bless the church. Additionally, we provide Writer’s Grants to evangelical scholars in the Majority World who wish to write books that will benefit the church in their region.

Sending Books to Theological Colleges

Through your generosity we source and equip seminaries with electronic theological texts suitable for their contexts. We partner with well-known publishers to distribute biblical resources to churches, pastors, Bible colleges and seminaries in Asia-Pacific. Qualifying libraries of Majority World institutions are given the opportunity to receive an annual grant to receive theological books.