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Ukraine Easter Appeal

In New Zealand, it's easy to overlook the challenges faced by friends in Ukraine. The ongoing conflict tests their faith, causing constant fear and grief. Taras pleads for unwavering support and understanding from their partners.
Man giving out a bible commentary to people in snow covered suburb in Ukraine

“I feel constant FEAR…
“I feel constant GRIEF…
“I feel ANXIETY…

As so much happens here in New Zealand, its easy to forget about the challenges many of our friends face overseas. As I write this letter to you I cannot help but think of our partners in Ukraine in particular, and how comforting the Easter message is for them at a time when their faith is really being tested. The ongoing conflict must wear down even those with the strongest of faiths.

In one of the recent communications from Taras, I was reminded of just how great the emotional toll has been on him and many people in Ukraine, and how their faith is being tested.

“I feel constant fear, constant grief, anxiety and helplessness” Taras said to me. “We pray for you, our partners, that you will not leave us alone and not become horrified when finally the grief will hit us”

Please help us to ensure Ukraine is not forgotten.

Image for the Ukraine 2023 appeal that says "Can you ensure our friends in Ukraine are not forgotten", with three sections, counselling, generators, and starlink.

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