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Our History

We have a long history of impact

1989: Overseas Council NZ Formed

It all started with the Overseas Council New Zealand (OCNZ), formed by a group of business people, as an autonomous affiliate to Overseas Council. They wanted to catalyse a Kiwi contribution to strategic, missional Christian leadership development in other countries.

A board of trustees was established; business people who had given generously, and who encouraged their business colleagues to join with them.


The growth of OCNZ took a step forward in with the appointment of an Executive Director, Tony Plews.


Early 2000s

Tony and board member Paul Windsor (then principal of Carey College, Auckland) had occasion to meet Chris Wright of Langham Partnership International, and had discussions about how OCNZ could also represent Langham Partnership International in New Zealand. Chris was encouraging of the relationship, so OCNZ put forward a proposal to this effect.



OCNZ changed its name to Leadership Development International.


Langham Partnership International logo


a formal motion was passed by Langham Partnership International that Leadership Development International should also represent Langham Partnership in New Zealand, opening the door for one team to serve two ministries.


Langham Partnership Logo

We were known by the combined name of LeaDev-Langham, but remain faithful to both networks, presenting their logos alongside each other.

Beacon Partnerships Logo


We changed our name to Beacon Partnerships, but our mission remains the same.