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Consultancy Team

Use your skills to enhance the training of Christian leaders in the majority world

Give the gift of your time and skills to our partner schools to help them fill critical skills shortages.

Skilled professionals are in short supply in many countries, and our partner schools cannot afford to hire the people they need. Short-term visits and consultancy help can make a big difference!

Play an integral role to the goal of developing Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific. By contributing your time and skills, you are also creating an ongoing legacy by training the local people.

Skills in demand:

  • Accounting – financial planning, processes, and audits.
  • Administration – filing systems, data bases, legal requirements, and archives.
  • Business and management – maximising income opportunities, business development, public relations strategies, risk management, and governance structures.
  • Computing – improving networking and IT systems, improving online learning, website design, and training staff to use software.
  • Education – adult teaching methods, curriculum design, teaching resources, QMS, and accreditation applications.
  • Engineering – building design, electrical, solar, water, and other infrastructure improvements.
  • English teaching – see ESOL teams.
  • Photography and videographer – produce educational, and promotional materials.
  • Theological research – teaching, and mentoring research students.

How Previous Teams Contributed

A team of IT professionals in New Zealand provided a library management system for seven partner schools in the Asia region. They migrated library data bases to the Koha Library System developed in New Zealand, and cloud storage, updates, and backups were all managed from New Zealand for these theological schools.

This continues to be a huge blessing to these colleges.

What Providing Consultancy Help Might Involve

Depending on the team and need, providing consultancy help may be in person or remote, or even a combination of both.

Teams may visit for a week or more to assess issues, make recommendations, and train staff. Or teams may help remotely by mentoring individuals or developing systems from home.

Consultancy team in Myanmar

Interested? Contact Phil Tait, +64 21 255 7760.