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Church Partnerships

Your Church can be part of this Movement

One of the most important investments the Western Church can make is in training leaders in the Majority World (where most of the world’s population resides). It’s time for New Zealand Christians and churches to support the development of leaders for the growing church in Asia-Pacific.

Join us in this incredible work of God, impacting not only Asia-Pacific but also the rest of the world, with far reaching impact into the future.

Why partner with Beacon Partnerships?

Our goal is to inspire Kiwi Christians to understand and actively contribute to the training and resourcing of Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific. By raising awareness of the challenges faced by our brothers and sisters in the global church, we can make a positive impact together.

Tailored Church Partnerships

This partnership is tailored to suit the ministry and educational needs of your church for the best fit for your congregation. You have the flexibility to choose your commitment length, whether it’s one year or more. As you progress, we aim to include your congregation through increasing involvement in successive stages.

How it works



We will assess your current mission education and orientation within the congregation to decide whether your church is prepared for a three-way partnership.



We will work together with your church’s leaders to develop the components for a partnership and select a suitable combination of country/college and project.


Implemention & Review

We will regularly implement and review every six months to evaluate the progress of the different aspects of the partnership, making necessary adjustments along the way.

Monthly News & Stories

Keep up to date on the transformative work in equipping Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific and further afield.