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Growth Projects

Supporting our  Partners to Flourish and Succeed

Our aim is to see the effective preaching of God’s Word equipping God’s people for their mission in the world. To do this we walk alongside our partners, to fund projects and provide them the resources they need to succeed.

Campus Development

To equip future church leaders, Bible colleges require adequate and high quality facilities and resources, like classrooms, libraries, dormitories, and culturally sensitive literature. With the rise in online learning, there is the need for electronic libraries and technology and training to improve online theological education in seminaries in the Majority World to meet demands.

Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS)

We are dedicated to empowering BBS by leveraging technology and digital resources. BBS has embraced online classrooms, resulting in a significant increase in student numbers.
BBS embraces interactive virtual learning with OBS technology. We assist in setting up electronic libraries with scanners, ebook software, and training, empowering Bible colleges for enhanced theological education.
We need your help to fund:

Online Classrooms

Our partners at BBS have created an online classroom that has resulted in a vast increase in student numbers. The classroom is highly interactive and works with common OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) technology and other programmes to make sure a good learning and teaching experience is an enjoyable one.

Electronic Books

To support the training of pastors and Christian leaders, we recognise the need for relevant literature in Thailand. With the rise of online learning and multi-college campuses, Beacon Partnerships wants to assist by providing specialised scanners, ebook software, technical training, and access to electronic libraries.

It costs just a few thousand dollars to equip and train a Bible college to begin operating their own electronic library.

Local Online: a Global Strategy (LOGS)

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought disruption and trauma worldwide, but it also presents a unique opportunity for Bible colleges to enhance learning through online education.

Beacon Partnerships teams up with Local Leaders International based in Australia to fund initiatives with partner schools in South East Asia to develop high-quality online programs tailored to their specific contexts.

We need your help to fund:

Strategy components


Capacity development for 125 colleges by providing hardware, software, and e-library resources to assist with online delivery of courses.


The competence of faculty by creating new ‘ICETE Academy’ courses and running workshops for hundreds of faculty members globally.


We are working with multiple mission organisations and dozens of experts in education and theology from the Majority World, including:

  • The Overseas Council Network: Local leaders International (Formally Overseas Council Australia), Overseas Council USA, Overseas Council Europe, reSource Leadership International (Canada).
  • International Commission for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE)
  • Horizon Education Network
  • Theological Book Network
  • The Relay Trust

New Online Library Project

As Bible colleges come out of the lockdown environment, many of them have begun using the skills learnt in the past two years to train more students through online and hybrid classes. The Local Online strategy provides IT capacity as well as a range of training workshops to help faculty teach well in this new environment. In many cases there is a desperate need for access to quality online library texts. We are working with our partner, Theological Book Network, to fund a new option for colleges at a much-reduced rate. We are now able to give access to students to download key texts by the hundreds and make them available to our partner colleges through your generosity.

GOAL: $94000
Already raised $47,000
Current need: $47,000

Click to view Electronic Theological Book Network (eTBN)’s flyer

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Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (MEGST)

Our focus with MEGST is on vital aspects of student support and academic infrastructure. We prioritize secure study environments by providing safe apartments in Yangon.
Support MEGST’s essential generator replacement and improved online classroom for seamless operations and enhanced remote learning.
We need your help to fund:


Having a safe location for students to study in Yangon is key to their success.


MEGST’s generator is now 15 years old and they require funding for a new one. Having the generator helps the whole of MEGST function during power cuts which are many.

If you are interested to contribute to this fund please use the reference MEGST GEN.

Online Classroom

The MEGST online classroom in need of further development.

Join us in transforming online theological education in the Majority World.

Compassionate Action

Leaders serving in challenging circumstances often lack financial resources to cope with major disasters or wars. Through our partnership with Overseas Council and Langham Partnership, we are connected to existing partners in Asia-Pacific and beyond. In case of significant disasters, we aim to provide essential aid and support to empower them to continue serving their communities.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The ongoing war and its impact have taken a considerable toll on the lives of countless refugees and internally displaced persons.
The network of Ukrainian seminaries affiliated with United World Mission’s Overseas Council (OC) ministry has been actively engaged in providing crucial support to over 400,000 war refugees and others in need.
We need your help to fund:

Trauma Counsellors

We need additional trauma counsellors who can provide practical support during these overwhelming times.

Watch a video on trauma counselling.

Essential Power Generators

Generators so the colleges can avoid the main power grid, which is constantly disrupted.

Satellite Dish Internet Access

Support the installation of Starlink satellite dishes for each Bible college, and help to pay for one year’s connectivity. These provide direct internet access without the need to rely on fibre cables.
Photo on top of a church with blue skies in the background, photo below of the same church on fire at night

Baptist Church in Orekhovo, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine 
This church, which was supported by our Zaporizhia Bible Seminary refugee hub, was burned at night by the Russian military using prohibited incendiary ammunition.

Lebanon, and Syrian Refugees

We partner with Esther*, our Team Leader in Lebanon and Together, for the family (TTF), a non-profit organisation founded and registered in Lebanon in 2010 as a response to the dire needs and challenges that families face.
The organisation has held many training workshops in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Lebanon is going through a financial crisis since 2019, and TFF is providing Lebanese and refugees all kinds of help and more importantly the key to have an occupation and a business.
*name changed
With help from supporters we have supplied:

Heating-fuel to 400 families

Heating-fuel to 400 families of Syrian refugees, during the harsh winter of 2022.

Essentials for Mums and Babies in Lebanon

Formula milk, clothes, medical treatment, toys, and vitamins for 90 babies in Lebanon, and provided counsel for their mothers.

Income generating training

Vocation training for youths, including carpentry and sewing training.
Syrian refugee children wearing shoes not equipped for winter standing in snow

Join us in compassionate action work, as we help those in desperate need.