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Train Preachers

80% of the preachers across the Majority World are not within the reach of a seminary

With your support we can help ensure preachers around the world are taught the Bible, equipping them to biblically shepherd their churches.

Through our partnership with Langham Preaching we ally with national leaders to nurture indigenous biblical preaching movements for preachers and lay leaders all around the world.

A preaching movement grows and spreads when two features are active and effective: the local facilitator and the small group. Participants gather with the facilitator in multi-level seminars focusing on practical biblically-based training—and then they scatter into small groups to practice what they are learning.

As leaders learn to teach the Bible with authority and relevancy, God’s Word bears fruit that grows and multiplies, bringing transformation to individuals, families and communities. A leader trained to teach God’s Word helps hundreds of new believers eager to understand and apply God’s Word.

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Paul Windsor: International Director for Langham Preaching

Leading a team that is nurturing more than 100 preaching movements worldwide (Based in New Zealand).

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How it works

1. Initial Training Seminar
With your help, a leader attends an annual regional Langham preacher training seminar (or the online equivalent) is held with other preachers and lay leaders.

2. Local “Preaching Small Groups” Formed
Leaders return to their communities to form local “Preaching Small Groups” to provide support and continued training with other leaders and lay leaders.

3. Preaching Movements Spread
A rhythm develops in which participants gather for seminars and then scatter back home into their small groups.

4. The Gospel Reaches the Wider Community
The church becomes more and more salt and light in their communities, extending the Gospel in their families, neighbourhoods, schools and work places.