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Who we are

Beacon Partnerships (formerly LeaDev-Langham) represents a partnership between Overseas Council and Langham Partnership International in New Zealand. We are committed to working alongside Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific, equipping them with skills and tools needed to teach and preach God’s Word to grow the church with depth and maturity.

Equipping leaders in the midst of chaos and conflict


MEGST is a Beacon of Hope in Myanmar, where hundreds have been killed and thousands arrested since the military coup. Millions have been affected by restrictions and shortages. In the midst of this, MEGST continues to equip leaders for the church and society.

Your donation will help us to resource MEGST and enable them to equip more leaders who can be Beacons of Hope in Myanmar.


In the midst of the conflict in Ukraine, the network of evangelical seminaries Beacon Partnerships works with are committed to Biblical teaching, social action and peacebuilding. They offer training programs, trauma counselling, and resources for church leaders and community helpers.

Your donation will support their training and projects that are addressing issues such as poverty, trauma, reconciliation, and the need for leadership in the church.

Help them shine a light in hard places

LBCS BTh Class

New Generator

MEGST’s generator is now 15 years old. Having the generator helps them function during the frequent power cuts.

Online Classrooms

The MEGST online classrooms are in need of further development.

Electronic Resources for Staff

Physical resources are hard to access in Myanmar. High quality resources are needed to train up future church leaders.

Trauma Counselling

Ukraine ministries are rehabilitating ex-soldiers and victims of the war, and are in need of trauma counsellors.

Library Resources

Help us resource seminaries in Ukraine during this time of war.

Why Give to Beacon Partnerships?

We are Locally-led and Collaborative

We work with staff and faculty at Lanka Bible Seminary and Colombo Theological Seminary which we have long-standing relationships with, to understand their needs and support them.

Join Our Legacy of Transformation

We invite you to join our community of Kiwi Christians who have been supporting the Asia-Pacific church to flourish for over 30 years, by helping them train their own leaders in their own countries.

Bring a Beacon of Hope

By supporting our cause, you enable the training of Christian leaders, whose impact on the church and society is immeasurable. These servant leaders bring about spiritual and theological maturity, shaping a future of transformation and growth.

Monthly News & Stories

Keep up to date on the transformative work in equipping Christian leaders in Asia-Pacific and further afield.