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April 2024 Update: photos from MEGST Intensive English Programme and the importance of Biblical resources in a time of war

Catch-up with Team 1 teachers from last month's IEP at MEGST, and find out why Biblical books are such critical resources when faced with the unimaginable tragedy of war.


On 29 February, teachers for Team 1 of the 2024 IEP (Intensive English Programme) flew to Yangon to start the three month English programme at MEGST which began on 4 March. This was the first time teachers are teaching face to face with students since 2019. 

IEP class is for prospective students of MDiv and MTh programs, this year it attracted over 20 new students, including some returning students. The first team of volunteer teachers were Steve Heap, Li Dorsey, and Anthea Fairbrass.

Tackling the Trauma of War with Biblical Resources

Christian literature might not be the first resource that immediately comes to mind during a war. Yet, they are very much needed in Ukraine to equip church leaders to minister to traumatised congregations in the midst of the unimaginable tragedy they are experiencing.

Watch this video to find out why more than ever, the production of trauma resources in the Ukrainian language is so critical during this time of war.

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