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Teach English, Empower the Global Church

We are grateful for the service of Peter Armstrong, our ESOL co-ordinator from 2006-2016. You too could be a part of this transformative work.

Kiwis like you are making a contribution by volunteering their time and skills to further empower the Church in Asia-Pacific. One such person is Peter Armstrong.

Peter Armstrong was our ESOL co-ordinator from 2006 to 2016 where he led MEGST Summer English School (SES) as well as actively participating in teaching in it.

He first went to Myanmar as part of a 3 month volunteer program in 2005 to teach English at MEGST (Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology). He saw the need, and was instrumental in establishing SES, a 4 month immersive English programme, which teaches English to students of MEGST, a Myanmar seminary, at the start of their education there. This extends and equips future Christian leaders with the skills to read and write academic English which is crucial skill for their future ministry as most Christian literature today is written in English.

As a pastor, and highly qualified ESOL teacher (with CELTA and DELTA Cambridge qualifications), teaching at MEGST was “an amazing experience” as it combined both aspects of his callings – as a pastor and English teacher. He saw it as a God-given role, calling it “one of the most blessed experiences of my life.”

If you are a trained English teacher, interested to make a direct impact in the Asia-Pacific church, we invite you to contact our ESOL co-ordinators Jenni and Keith

Be part of this transformative journey or empowering emerging Christian leaders through teaching English!

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