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Feb 2024 Update: What’s happening in Myanmar?

Myanmar is in focus this month as MEGST celebrates the new batch of graduates, and we send ESOL teams to teach at MEGST for the first time since pre-COVID times.

MEGST Graduation

Some photos this week from Russell’s travels in Myanmar.

ESOL Teams going to Myanmar

Teaching English at MEGST, Yangon, for 3 months – soon, in person!

On February 29th, teachers for Team 1 of the 2024 IEP (Intensive English Programme) fly from New Zealand and Australia to Yangon to start the three month English programme at MEGST.  This time we will have three teams teaching face to face – this has not happened since 2019. We have so much to be thankful for.

It has not been an easy journey to get this far! Understandably, new potential teachers are very reluctant to commit to teaching in Myanmar given the current situation over there – and this is very understandable. So, the nine teachers who are going have all had previous experience in Myanmar and are aware of the situation. Thankfully, we have all managed to get good insurance for anything NOT connected to civil unrest.

Please pray for the teachers going:

Team 1: Steve Heap, Li Dorsey, Anthea Fairbrass

Team 2: Adele Gautier, Onny Holdaway

Team 3: Jenni Bedford, Keith Bedford, Jo Bissett and Bronwyn Schick

Team 2 teachers, Onny and Adele, especially need prayer support as there are only the two of them teaching. Thankfully, we have two outstanding MEGST graduates who will be helping as teacher aides, with group work and marking.

written by Bronwyn Schick

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    Bridging the language resource gap

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Myanmar country update

We are constantly saddened and shocked with the news coming out of Myanmar.

Mandatory Conscription law

Towards the end of last year, the military junta suffered significant losses up north. Many of the army were deserting. So, a short while ago, the military enacted a law that had been passed years ago giving them the powers to conscript young people into their army between the ages of 18 and 35 (men) and 18 and 27 (women) for at least 2 years. This law has caused so much fear and anger. Thousands are lining up to get passports, many thousands of young people are trying to leave the country. Apparently 400 have already been kidnapped ….

We keep praying for our friends over there: faculty, past and current students, and those we have got to know over the years of teaching there.

written by Bronwyn Schick

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