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Jan 2024 Update: Young Langham Podcast and Empowering Victims of War in Ukraine

Learn more about Young Langham's new podcast, Out of the Margins. Also find out what are some recent programs Overseas Council - United World Mission are engaging in in Ukraine to help those who have become disabled as a result of the Russian-invasion.
Ukraine Christian Leaders Meeting

NEW Young Langham Podcast – Out of the Margins

As Christianity in the West is increasingly being pushed to the margins in the post-Christendom era, the perspectives of Christians from the Majority world who, are intimately familiar with being a minority and marginalised provides wisdom and invaluable insights of what it is like to live in the margins. Hosted by Langham’s own Simon Nugent and Edgar Solis.

You can listen to their first 3 episodes that are out now, discussing Reverse Mission and the Power of Contextualisation. Future episodes will also delve into Spiritual Warfare, Interfaith Dialogue and Social Justice.

New episodes to “Out of the Margins” can be found on our website, and Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes are released fortnightly. Subscribe so you don’t miss any!

Ukraine: Empowering Victims of the Russian-Invasion

There have been 2 recent programs, one that caters to the well-being of ex-soldiers and civilians who have lost limbs and another that empowers the Deaf and Hearing impaired through hairdressing courses.

Disabilities have been on the constant rise as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These programs include combating a lingering post-Soviet mentality that rejects people with disabilities, inclusion into communities and churches, accessibility issues, mental support, rehabilitation, providing employment to individuals and sharing the gospel.

These efforts are supported by Overseas Council – United World Mission.

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