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May 2023 Update: Ukraine Chaplains, MEGST Staff Changes, and Children of War

Ukraine Chaplains: Standing as beacons of light in the midst of darkness, these devoted men and women are unwavering in their mission to bring hope, solace, and spiritual support to the soldiers and volunteers caught in the relentless grip of war.
Group shot of Ukraine Chaplains dressed in military uniform, holding medals

Ukraine Update

In April, a three-day forum for chaplains was held at the Ukrainian Evangelical Seminary in the village of Berezivka (the UES is a part of the Coordination Committee for developing the new Alliance for theological education in a region). It brought together 40 chaplains from the Zhytomyr region.

Most of them began their ministry at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Thank you for your prayers for developing chaplains’ ministry in Ukraine to meet the spiritual needs of the soldiers and volunteers. Our mission does not change. Peace be with you ❤️

MEGST Staff Changes

Changes happening are;

1. Dr. Ronald’s sabbatical leave will start from 1st June, 2023.

2. Dr. Stephen will become Academic Dean from 1st June, 2023

3. Dr. Liannu becomes Director of Postgraduate program

4. Rev. Pa Hmet is the Dean of Students

5. Dr. Aung Htoo is the head of theology and in-charge of Public Communication.

6. Saysma Nant becomes Chaplain.

7. We will have a new librarian, replacing the most senior librarian named Haupi as she decided to live with her husband in Mandalay.


Ukraine’s Children of War

They struggle with huge mental wounds. 

A little girl. Her mother and sister were raped and shot in their heads by Russians in front of her. She cuddles a toy and says, “I hold on to my toy and think of my mom. She would comfort me if she were here.”  A little boy with the same story. A teenage girl who was raped and her parents killed… 

Thank you for supporting our initiative of Mental Health Care as they work with these children. Volodymyr Moisey as one of the psychologist of this group works with these particular children. He is invited to work at the summer camp in the end of June for the children of the war.

Please keep praying for each member of the MH-Care group as they continue to serve others. 

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