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Out of the Margins: A Young Langham Podcast

What is God doing in the global church? What does it mean to be a Christian in your context? The new 'Out of the Margins' podcast discusses these questions and more, with insights from the global church.
Out of the Margins, a podcast about Global Christianity

What is God doing in the global church?

In a world where Christianity in the West is increasingly being pushed to the margins in the post-Christendom era, there is a wealth of wisdom and insight to be gained from voices that have long resided in the margins. “Out of the Margins”, a podcast about global Christianity, highlights the insights of the experiences and perspectives of Christians from the Majority world who are intimately familiar with being a minority and marginalised. Hosted by Simon Nugent and Edgar Solis.

‘Out of the Margins’ will be published fortnightly on all good podcasting apps. It will feature conversations with scholars and leaders from a variety of places in the Majority World. Topics to look forward to include Reverse Mission, Spiritual Warfare, Interfaith Dialogue and Social Justice. 

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